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Feeling better .:. Update on life

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 4:15 PM

Adjusting a bit more to moving, but I'm getting there ; u; 
Thanks for everyone being so patient with the requests. I'll probably try to get them done, but traditionally. 3x more meaningful and 300x more crappy :iconimsotiredplz:

However, I might be on a hell of a hiatus after, only popping in to respond to the roleplay I got into, due to me having to study for SATs

see, where I come from, we didn't have this thing :/

Anyway, gimmie some time to work on these drawings ; u ;


[[ RE-NOCTIS // Athena Medkowski ]] by Revereiia
[[ RE-NOCTIS // Athena Medkowski ]]
;; holy shiet I got in o; school has such perfect timing doesn't it ||D //sobbb

Athena (Nana) Medkowski 
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Swedish
Race: Human
Height/Weight: 5"6, 105 lbs

ID #: 223
Occupation: Student
Rank: 2
Title: Cunning Queen of Swords
Department: Information Department
Weapon: Metal Baseball Bat, Reinforced Rhythmic Gymnast Ribbon

Baseball bat

  •  + Uses a metal baseball bat for offense and defense. Nana uses this to knock out enemies guarding volatile and useful information or cause damage to objects/deflecting them. 
  •  - Not very useful on destroying spirits. At the most, they are only knocked back. It also is only useful in close combat. 


  • + Reinforced for supporting twice her weight. Upon release, it wraps around the target, allowing Nana to either pull said target towards her, or hoisting herself towards it. Used for hiding in high places, i.e rafters in buildings, or swinging from one position to another. Magentic plating at the end allows more secure support on metals
  • - Does not perform well with material other than metal, i.e wood, plastic. Can be torn apart by blades / snap due to too much weight.

Personality: Sharp-tongued | Sarcastic | Crafty | Perceptive | Vindictive | Inquisitive

Athena's personality could be compared to that of a snake. She's witty and crude with her comments, and will ensure she gets the last laugh. She's a difficult person to get along with if you're thin skinned, but once she sees something in you, she'll cut you some slack. Nevertheless, when it comes to work, she gets things done down to a t. She plans out the most effective method of executing missions; including getting revenge. 



  • Scary stories
  • Sour and spicy foods
  • Gathering information
  • Causing unnecessary collateral damage
  • Classical music
  • Seeking revenge
  • Japanese culture

  • Corrupted files
  • Being challenged
  • Spirits
  • Her parents
  • Being mocked
History: Raised by two successful parents, life in King's city was rather comfortable for Athena. However, she didn't exactly love the shiny jewelry and fancy parties. If there was anything she loved, it was gymnastics. It gave her the freedom her parents never allowed. Of course, they only wished to protect her. Then again, smothering wasn't any more helpful. A sudden disagreement between the two parents resulted in the ' oh so perfect ' family to split apart, resulting in eleven year old Nana's parents getting a divorce. The new ' father ', who swiftly took up the temporarily opened position in the single mother's heart, was greatly resented by the young girl. This Japanese aristocrat barged into their peaceful life and stirred everything up. Not only did he cause a rift between Nana and her mother, but he pushed away the sole male figure in her life. To make it worse, he presented her mother with the proof of their love; a wedding ring, one even more glamorous than the rock the woman previously donned. Now it was set in stone. The only thing she could do was push herself past her limits in gymnastics, her only solace through this grim time. Any free moment was spent spinning, leaping and gracefully tossing herself through the air. 

What should have been the highlight of her dark life, resulted in the girl's complete 180 degree outlook on life. A typical day reserved for a gymnastics competition revived the light in the girls spirit. Several opportunities, perhaps even regaining her mother's unconditional love, all of it, riding on this one stunt. However, this event shared a date with the five year anniversary of her parent's sudden split. The girl stood at her mark, performed her move, and all of a sudden, images rapidly flashed in her mind. Sadness, screaming, her life being torn apart. The last thing she could recall, before having her once vivid mind thrown into darkness, was the ground before her eyes. The fifteen year old who was full of so much potential was tossed into a coma. 

To the doctors' surprise, the girl woke up merely days after her accident. It was suspected that she would be out for weeks; months even. While her parents rejoiced, the girl was greeted by yet another surprise. Shadows, black figures, moved about haphazardly before her eyes. Her sudden outburst on the situation resulted in her parents deeming her as mentally deranged. The doctors, however, were taken aback by her comment. As her parents bombarded the doctors with their questions and concerns, the girl contemplated on what she would do with her newly discovered ability. She could either drop it and check herself into an insane asylum, or look deeper into this mystery. 

The few moments she was left alone, Nana chose to find out more about her ' condition '. No tests or scans were run for them to just diagnose her as crazy. Perhaps they were trying to hide something. The girl allowed her curiousity to get the better of her and decided to look further into it. It took several days, but she managed to find some files in a cabinet in what would have appeared to be a secret room. It wasn't accessible from the main hallway. The files were hidden under several others, which piqued her interest. The patients on the files were immediately diagnosed with some form of mental ailment. It was clear that the hospital was trying to keep something hidden, but what? Deciding to keep the files, as to analyse them further, Nana hid them amonst her belongings. Athena kept quiet about the situation for the remaining period of her recovery in the hospital and was ready to be discharged.

Unfortunately, hospital staff had taken notice of the missing documents, and not too long after, Athena was caught and taken to the underwater prison. Whatever it was they were hiding, it must have been important. Sure, theft could be considered a crime, but being sent to such a prison was a bit harsh. Were the files that important, and if so, what are they hiding?

Her salvation came. A man, a well dressed one at that, approached her in her solitude. He promised freedom, and justice for her wrongful imprisonment. Athena agreed to the terms and conditions. Why shouldn't she? She was abandoned by her mother, who had slowly lost love for her own child. That man. One day Nana would get her revenge. On him, on the doctors and on the city.

Extra Info: 

  • She prefers being referred to as Nana, rather than by her full name
  • Will add -rin ( for ranks at, or below, her rank ) or -dono ( for ranks above hers or people she looks up to ) to the ends of names, i.e Nana-rin
  • Will create nicknames for everyone she's close to
  • Gives off a rather cheerful and innocent appearance
  •  Voice 0:03 - 0:35
Relationships: N/A

RP Method(s): Notes, Comments, Chatroom ( I'll try really hard with this since school's back up for me ;; n ;; ) | Lit and script~ Though, I'm a little unfamiliar with script ; u ;

Feeling homesick

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 17, 2014, 4:56 AM

Really wanna go back home now. I couldn't finish the requests on the plane because there wasn't much leg room, but once my laptop comes back to life, I'll finish them. Anyway, what do you do when you're feeling homesick?


Packing my suitcase : Requests Closed

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 15, 2014, 8:51 AM

No more for noooow c:

I'll probably be packing my bags between today and tomorrow morning ( I never realized how much junk I had piled up in one closet e u e;; ) and I need something to do on the plane once my ipod and DS die, so I might as well do some headshots. Might squeeze a chibi or half-body in there o; If I can't do them on my laptop then I'll do them traditionally and line them once I get into my new house.

So, just post a ref of your OC and I'll see if I can do some justice~

I won't do

-Super complex stuff :iconmingplz:

I'll TRY to do guys (they'll probably look like 6 year old school girls though :iconpapmingplz: //shot )

I also have the right to decline your request if I feel as though I can't do it ; u ;

Also, does anyone have any tips on being on a plane? I'm on my own and I hate sitting in one spot for 4 hours straight orz;;</sub>


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